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At Social Media NT, our primary goal is to make things easy!

Many of our clients are truly amazed at the pace of today’s technology. The possibilities are literally endless. And just when you think you’re getting a handle on one technology, another pops up with bucketfuls of promise. Where does one start? Just how does it work? Do I actually need it and if so, what functional value will it add to my venture? All great questions for an IT Consultant!

Well, at Social Media NT, we enjoy harnessing the power of Social Media. We love social media and IT and, more specifically, implementing a social media strategy into your venture. Please enjoy our site and contact us to arrange a chat with one of our IT Consultants!

Web Design

Social Media NT specialises in providing targeted website design and development. Let us provide you with a tailored site to leave that lasting impression.

Flash Design

Social Media NT have extensive experience with Flash Advertising Design and Implementation. Contact Us to discuss a tailored solution for your needs.


What will work for you? What is required? What does your client base use? Let Social Media NT work with you to determine the best fit for your business (without the headaches!)


Did you know that Australians are the world’s biggest users of social media? Ask Social Media NT about our tailored social media campaigns designed to create a buzz about your product.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Social Media NT. In our opinion, the task seemed so rediculous; oh how times have changed. Thanks again for the new website, and for streamlining all the information into a single webpage for us to use!  It is so refreshing that a consultant would actually travel to the problem; especially in Darwin. Thanks again for everything and if I could do anything to spread the word, just let me know! PS: More time now to go fishing!–Dan Klien, NTMEE

When we decided that our website was going to be the face of our company, and essentially our calling card to potential clients, we researched many, many, web designers before discovering Social Media NT. What set’s Social Media NT apart is that you were more than prepared to work around our hours. As for the final product, well what can I say – hits are up and the people are talking!–Hollie Goodall, HGFitness

Thanks for the banners mate. Can I just say, rather than writing too much that you have all potential clients contact me direct and I will assure you that you get the business. What do you reckon?  Thanks again for the banners, and the website for that matter. Also, thanks for taking to time with our people in at Ray White and laughing off what many often struggle with. Its really appreciated mate. If you could just remove my emails on the contact us page (its just going off!) and leave it for Joy, that would be great! Cheers bloke!–Braden Menzies,Principal, Ray White Central NT (Large Agency of the year 2011)

I first approached Social Media NT by accident! Having invested plenty of money in a website only one month prior, I was not expecting much help from Social Media NT in the beginning. But, what pains me is that I have watched and learned (you know I prefer to see how it works!) more in these past three weeks, and all for a box of beer! Remember, if you're up this way again, come swim in my olympic pool (its stopped leaking now). Otherwise, keep the phone handy as I have plenty of friends who are looking for strong, honest service. –Tim Lee, Founder, Marrakia Fitness Retreat

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